Emcie Turineck of Spll Girl, is a Montreal based disabled artist and illustrator. She received a BFA and Art Education degree from Concordia University, where her practice was focussed on drawing and sculpture. Emcie describes Spll Girl as having emerged from a feeling of always spilling into the world around her. Emcie is autistic and has adhd, she also has a condition called Ehlers Danlos, affecting her mobililty, her body, and her organs. She feels a deep fascination for her environment and often empathizes with her surroundings. This quality is clear in her imagery, where through her use of line and colour, everyday objects brim with joy and personality. 


Emcie hads a condition called hypermobilty Ehlers Danlos syndrome. This is a chronic illness that causes physical disabilty. Emcie hopes to raise awarness of her condtion.

For inquiries, please email spllgirlart@gmail.com