Hi, I'm Emcie Turineck of Spll Girl.  I am a Montreal based disabled artist and illustrator. received a BFA and Art Education degree from Concordia University, where my practice was focussed on drawing and sculpture. I describe Spll Girl as having emerged from a feeling of always spilling into the world around me, bring art and colour in almost all I do. I am on the autism spectrum and I have adhd. Alongside my neurodivergence, I suffer from a chronic illness called Ehlers Danlos, This condition affects my mobility, my connective tissue and organs.


I feel a deep fascination for my environment and often empathizes with my surroundings. This quality is clear in myimagery, where through the use of line and colour, everyday objects brim with joy and personality. 

I hope to raise awareness of my conditions and share my artwork.

For inquiries or to book a workshop, please email spllgirlart@gmail.com